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In the battleground for attention, arm yourself with relevance and visibility.

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• 25+ years of experience.

• Longstanding partnerships with 50 major municipalities in Ontario

• Exclusive 3rd party advertising rights in over 200 Arena & Community Centre Venues

• Digital dynamic signage network of 300+ displays

Your biggest challenge in today’s competitive marketplace is getting the attention of your potential customers.

The key to winning in the Attention Economy is delivering your message at the right place and time. Don’t interrupt your audience’s valuable leisure time, but become an integral part of it.

For 25+ years, Futuresign has helped businesses like yours do just that. Our clients have used Community Recreation Centres and Arena environments to deliver their messages to a broad range of target audiences, tapping into the power of Community advertising. 

With screens and static displays in the highest traffic locations within the facility, your audience can’t miss your brand message. Whether that’s rink boards, wall signage, ice logo branding, or your message on clocks & scoreboards, and useful, must-see facility content like meeting room locations, dressing room assignments and upcoming event reminders, your brand message becomes a part of their recreation or entertainment experience, without intruding on it.

Showcase your support for the local community.

When you support local sports venues, programs, arenas and recreation facilities by advertising your business there, you’re embedding your brand into the local community. Customers will be reminded of your brand every time they visit, but also remember you as one of them — a brand that supports the local community.

And a sense of community will translate into brand preference when they make purchase decisions. 

We’ve helped bring businesses closer to local residents in communities throughout Ontario, thanks to our longstanding relationships with over 200 facilities in 50 municipalities.

When you advertise in community facilities, you are guaranteed visibility from a broad cross-section of local residents at a reasonable cost, and you know a significant share of your advertising dollars are put to good use in helping these locations provide better services to your community.

It’s not just what you say. It’s where you say it!

When you work with Futuresign Multimedia, you’re partnering with the largest provider of arena advertising in Ontario to showcase your brand in family community arenas, college sports arenas, recreation centres and community events venues in 50 cities and towns across the region.

Why choose Futuresign?

A long-standing member of the Ontario Recreation Facilities Association (ORFA)

Member of Parks and Recreation of Ontario (PRO)

Recipient of Seal of Excellence and Member of the Digital Signage Federation (DSF)

Community Sports Marketing Experts

Offering custom turnkey sports marketing solutions to maximize your brand’s exposure.

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Community Sports Marketing Experts

Offering custom turnkey sports marketing solutions to maximize your brand’s exposure.

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