Digital display advertising

Keep visitors organized and up to date with digital signage rink schedules.

Digital display advertising offers your brand the opportunity to connect with customers.

Understand the main benefits of choosing digital display advertising

Leveraging the Futuresign digital media program for your advertising needs unlocks a wealth of advantages. Our digital displays, ranging from 43″ to 65″ in size, are strategically located in high-traffic Arenas and Community Centers, ensuring your message reaches a wide and engaged audience.

These carefully selected locations within the facilities—from the main lobby areas where parents congregate while waiting for their children’s practices and games to the bustling standing areas—guarantee that your advertisement receives maximum exposure and captures the attention of viewers.

The Futuresign media program is designed to seamlessly integrate your advertising with highly relevant content, including community center activities, special events in the city or township, room assignments for events, and entertaining television programming like hockey games and news. This strategic content mix keeps viewers engaged and increases the likelihood of your advertisement being noticed, as it is presented alongside information that attracts and holds the audience’s attention.

What can you use digital display advertising for?

Digital display advertising is highly customizable and can be updated in real-time. This can help your business achieve different goals, including (but not limited to):

  • Promoting products/services based on the target demographic of varying facility locations
  • Advertising limited offers and specials
  • Promoting high-margin items
  • Changing messaging faster, easier, and less costly than static signage

Whatever your needs and target demographic, you can select your own direct network of multiple screens within one facility or many facilities within a selected municipality or many municipalities to reach your target audience.

See how we’ve helped these businesses meet their goals with digital display advertising.

Digital display advertising examples.

Custom packages and services for your digital display advertising needs

When you choose to advertise with Futuresign kiosks, we’ll take care of your advertising campaigns from start to finish, relying on a process we’ve perfected over 25 years of being in the business.

From strategizing and creating your messaging to helping you pick locations, and creative design & production of brand messages, our process will help you attain your business goals.

Community Sports Marketing Experts

Offering custom turnkey sports marketing solutions to maximize your brand’s exposure.

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Community Sports Marketing Experts

Offering custom turnkey sports marketing solutions to maximize your brand’s exposure.

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