Zamboni Wrap Advertising

Put your brand message front and center with Zamboni wrap advertising.


Promote your brand on the ice.

The iconic Zamboni is an integral part of the arena experience. This vital piece of machinery, crucial to the event as it resurfaces the ice, is also a great marketing tool for your brand.

When you choose a custom-printed vehicle or Zamboni wrap to showcase your message, you’re putting your brand right where everyone can see it.

And since the Zamboni makes its appearances when there’s a break in the action, you can be sure nothing distracts the audience from your message.

Zamboni wrap advertising examples.

The perfect Zamboni wrap — here’s how we get it done

When you come to Futuresign for vehicle or Zamboni wrap advertising, we use our process perfected over 25+ years to make sure it’s exactly how you imagined it would look.

From graphic design to production and installation through to maintenance, your brand message will look its best every time it rolls out on the ice in view of hundreds of spectators.

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