Digital Displays

Join in on the Digital Media Age

Using our Digital media program to promote your business products or service, has many amazing benefits. First we must understand that these screens are only placed in high traffic flow Arenas and Community Centre's that pass our high standards. Secondly they are placed in strategic locations in each facility, main lobby seating and standing areas where parents wait for their children during practices, before and after games. Thirdly our media program always consisted of broadcasting some or all of the following information along side of community business ads, Community centre programs, city or township special events, room assignments for hockey parents or just some good TV entertainment. (hockey games, news etc).

This form of advertising carries a multitude of benefits due to its highly customizable and real-time aspects assisting clients in achieving a number of goals, including (but not limited to): 

  1. Promote products/services based on the target demographic of varying facility locations
  2.  Advertise limited offers and specials 
  3.  Promote certain high margin items 
  4. Change messaging faster, easier, and fess costly than static signage 

Digital screens range in size between 42" and 60"Clients can also create there own direct network to multiple screens within one facility or many facilities within a selected municipality or many municipalities. (based on your targeted demographic) 

Programs available for monthly artwork update changes.

Added Digital Solution

The TV scheduler contains two parts, the first section contains scheduled events/programs of a facility or the change room assignments for hockey. The second section contains a directory of ADS of local businesses messaging about products or services beneficial to both local people as well as the visitors from out of town (Personal Care, Automotive, Fast food, Pubs and Fine Dining Restaurants, Etc.). These ads run on an average of every 2 to 3 minutes and each ad is 15 seconds in length. Other benefits in the 15 second ad allows the business the ability to show and tell more, change messages quickly and do so inexpensively. 

Features & Benefits

  • Over 200 remotely accessible digital systems in operation in private businesses, municipal offices, community centres and arenas in southern and central Ontario
  • Systems come complete with Commercial Grade LCD Flat Panel Displays rated 24/7/365 
  • Displays allow for remote access of content and contain safeguards which rapidly and automatically restore power (and internet) in the event of interruption
  • Systems contain all equipment for ease of installation and servicing – “hang & plug”
  • Key system components are fanless (i.e. player/computer/server) and contain no external button controls - removes points of failureand mitigates tampering with display